History of Fairfield Glade

The History of Fairfield Glade

Fairfield Glade History Presentation

October 2023

Fairfield Glade History Book by Tom Martin

This is an electronic version of a paper history booklet produced in 1986 by Tom Martin. A Xeroxed copy was found in the Fairfield Glade Library in January 2013. The document was scanned and converted into a PDF file and linked to this page to make it available to residents and visitors to the Glade.

Fairfield Glade Railroad

Who would have had any idea that there were, in the early 1900s, trains running through and around what we now call Fairfield Glade. It is hard to comprehend that to be so. But it was. Lumber was so much in demand that lumber companies afforded to actually build their own railroads to bring the timber to saw mills and eventually to the market.

From about 1905 to 1920 trains could be heard in the Glade. A spur railroad line was constructed from Dorton (which was about halfway between Crab Orchard and Corssville) up Shorty Barnes Road to Peavine Road, along Peavinevine Road going past Spring Lake, Lake Canterbury and Lake Catherine. After Lake Catherine it turned north, at Howard Terrace, into Wilshire Heights following Sheffield Drive parallel to Stonehenge Drive up to Kingsboro Drive where it terminated at a sawmill and hotel. Just before Kingsboro Drive the line branched to another spur that headed west between Kingsboro Drive and Village Drive to a coalmine near Rotherham Drive.

De Rossett Depot

Druid Pro-Shop in 1978

The old DeRossett depot had been hauled the 30 some miles down US 70 to make a unique, if not completely adequate, pro shop for the Druid Hills Golf Club. Upon completion of the new facility in 1981, the depot was moved to its new home on Fire Tower Road, where it remains today as a residence.

Fire Department

Fairfield Glade Fire Department, Strategic Initiative Report, November 2012

The Fairfield Glade Fire Department was formed in 1974 in response to several serious fires occurring in this young but growing community. Waiting for the county fire department to travel to Fairfield Glade was not a suitable solution for our residents as they watched their residences being destroyed by fire.

By early 1976, the fire and security building was completed, a 750 gallon fire engine had been acquired and the roster of volunteers numbered 25. We were in the business of fighting fires.

The Art Guild

In 1978 twelve resident/artists at Fairfield Glade came together to form an art guild for Fairfield residents. In 30 years the Guild has grown to a membership of approximately 164 individuals. In April of 2008 the new Plateau Creative Arts Center opened its doors and the Guild had a HOME!

The Viewing Platform (2015)

The viewing platform was built, we believe, in the 1970’s for realtors to show prospective investors the wonderful views they would enjoy if they purchased a lot in Faiefield Glade.

It is located (or was in 2015) close to the intersection of Hathaway Drive and Chamberlain Drive.

50th Anniversary

Rebekah Bohannon Beeler wrote a short history of Fairfield Glade for the Crossville Chronicle’s Glade Sun on May 4th, 2020 to recognize the 50th Anniversary of Fairfield Glade.

Wildwood Stables

Wildwood Stables is a privately owned equestrian facility located on 300 acres in the Fairfield Glade community and the Wyndham Resort in Crossville, Tennessee. 

In 1864, Hugh Center, son of Thomas Center, planted a small sycamore tree switch he harvested from the shore along Daddy’s Creek near his father’s home.

Today the Sycamore tree is a landmark at Wildwood Stables and is the subject of numerous artists, photographers and tourists who marvel at the tree’s history and giant size. The sycamore tree measures 96 ft. high, 165 ft. crown spread and the trunk is 16 ft. around.

On October 5, 2012, the sycamore tree received it’s official declaration as a Historical and Legendary tree in the state of Tennessee.

Five Golf Courses

There are five golf courses.

  • 1972 Druid Hills Golf Course Opened
  • 1972 Legends restaurant opened at Druid Hills
  • 1979 Dorchester Golf Course Opened
  • 1984 Privately Owned Stonehenge 18-hole Golf Course opened
  • 1985 Stonehenge Restaurant opened
  • 1987 First nine holes at Heatherhurst
  • 1988 Second nine holes at Heatherhurst
  • 1990 Third nine holes at Heatherhurst

For 10 years Heatherhurst operated with three 9-hole courses: The Mountain, The Creek and The??? 

  • 2000 Fourth nine holes at Heatherhurst
After 2000 Heatherhust operated with tow 18-hole courses: The Brae and the Crag. The Crag and Brae courses were designed by Gary Roger Baird. The two courses at Heatherhurst and Stonehenge have all undergone extensive bunker renovation and now feature Better Billy Bunkers, considered by many to be the best bunker construction in the world.
  • 2007 Community Club Purchased Stonehenge Golf Club