Trikeevans: Conrad Evans the Cyclist

1994 Land's End to John O'Groats

Conrad Evans was born and raised in England. He has cerebral palsy. Growing up Conrad found it difficult competing with his peers until he  discovered his tricycle. He excelled at cycling.  In 1994, at age 18 years, Conrad completed the  the 900-mile  journey from Land’s End to John O’Groat’s, in 15 days.  His parents provided support  by driving a van carrying  the necessary supplies, arranging accomodations, etc., 

1999 Three Wheels Across America

Conrad Evans has cerebral palsy. On 31 July 1999, at 26 years old, Conrad flew to San Francisco to undertake the challenge of cycling, on his specially adapted tricycle, from coast to coast of the USA. Starting in San Francisco, he cycled the 550 miles up the coast of California to Florence, near Eugene, Oregon on the Pacific coast, to commence his 4,000-mile ride, to Yorktown, Virginia on the eastern seaboard. He intends to take around 85 days to complete the USA coast to coast journey (plus 20 maintenance and rest days). The route takes in 10 States and climbs over the Rockies, to a height of over 11,500 feet.

2002 Three Wheels Around Oz

Conrad Evans, at 28 years old  and with a lot of courage, decided to pedal around Australia, on his own without any support vehicles. The 10,000 mile journey. Starting in March 17th 2002, Conrad sucessfully completed his ride arriving back in Sydney on February 12th, 2003…….an exhausting but exhilerating 11 months.