Poker Rules

Men Playing Poker

The ground rules for our regular social game of poker.

The Organization

We play a friendly game of Texas Hold’em twice a month typically on the second and fourth Saturday evening, when possible. We play from 6pm to no later than 10pm.

John will send out an invitation to each game and the first 8 players to respond get to play. The minimum number of players for a game is 5 and the maximum is 8.

The players will volunteer to host the games. John will figure out the host for each game from those available. Email John if you wish to host on a particular date.

Each player will bring their own drinks but the host may provide some simple snacks.

The host may amend these rules for the night and shall have final say in any disputes.

The Poker Chips and Blinds

The host provides the poker chips (by borrowing if necessary). The one-time ante for the evening is $20. The most any player can lose in an evening is $20.

Each player will start the evening with chips worth $200 – typically quantities are:

    1. Ten @ $1 (white),
    2. Eight @ $5 (red),
    3. Five @ $10 (blue)
    4. Two @$50 (green).

6:00pm = $1 & $2,
7:00pm = $2 & $5,
8:00pm = $5 & $10,
9:00pm = $10 & $20,
9:30pm = $20 & $40

At the discretion of the host, there may be a five-minute refreshment break each time the blinds change.

The Play
  • Normally the dealer, small blind and big blind move around one player after each hand. If the small blind drops out then the dealer does not move for the next hand. If the big blind drops out then there is no small blind in the next hand.
  • When there are only two players, the dealer is also the small blind.
  • During play a player cannot “check” and later “raise” in the same round of betting.
  • The cards determine the winning hand not anything said by the players.
  • The last man standing is the winner. If more than one player is still in the game at 10pm then the winner is the player with the most chips at 10pm.
  • If a card turns face up during a deal then the cards are re-dealt.

The Payout

The payout at the end of the evening shall be:
5 players ($100)        $100               $0                   $0
6 players ($120)        $100               $20                  $0
7 players ($140)        $100               $30                  $10
8 players ($160)        $120               $30                  $10

John Conrad

July 13th, 2022