Three Wheels Across America
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Friday, 24 September 1999 Saratoga, WY
(0/2198 miles) I have listed a new mail pick-up point for October 13th.   His pal Dave, whom he left in the Grand Tetons, passed him today on his way to Boulder, Colorado. Conrad decided to stay in Saratoga for a second night because of the strong head winds which made cycling difficult. He stayed and did his laundry instead.

Thursday, 23 September 1999 Saratoga, WY
(60/2198 miles) Conrad called his family in Tring today. I think that he is in Riverside, WY, and he continues to make good progress. He actually didn't make it to Riverside, he decided to stay in Saratoga.

Wednesday, 22 September 1999 Rawlins, WY
(82/2138 miles) Conrad called his evening from Rawlins at 9:15pm EDT.  He had had a good day and spirits were high. He was staying in a cheap motel. He was going to shower and then check out the nightlife in Rawlins. My apologies. A false alarm. All is well with the phone. It receives calls OK.  Barbara McLeod called without a problem and I succeeded this  evening. (voice-mail status is still uncertain.)   He had seen no trees since the Grand Tetons National Park. He had seen lots of deer, quite a few Llamas but only one flock of sheep. He is obviously a little concerned about the upcoming Hoosier pass ( the highest point of his journey, 11,542 ft), and is pressing on until it is behind him. He expects to be in Pueblo, CO, on Tuesday the 28th September because it's downhill all the way after Hoosier pass!!.

Tuesday, 21 September 1999 Sweetwater Station ,WY
(39/2056 miles) Received an e-mail from Conrad at about 4pm EDT when he was in Lander and then a phone call from him at 9:15pm EDT. He is at Sweetwater Station Campground which is 39 miles beyond Lander. He is sharing the campground with lots of cows and a dog but no people. (and he stopped here because the map said Jeffery City had no facilities!!)  He had to admit that the rain was so bad in Dubois he stayed there until Monday morning.  He had a beer or two while he was waiting!!! The weather forecast for today is 26 deg F overnight and 71 deg F during the day. He appears to be having mobile phone problems. He can make calls OK but it tells him there are no voice mails when there really are some. I tried to call him immediately after he hung up and it switched me to voice mail so I suspect he is unable to take any incoming calls.  I told him it was probably "operator error!!"

2wyom.gif (2022 bytes)Wyoming State Flag

Monday, 20 September 1999 Lander, WY
(70/2017 miles) He is traveling long distances over grassland. He might go 30 miles and only see one ranch. He bought himself a thermos as he was getting fed up drinking cold coffee. He was able to get his wheels trued and had a bit of a language problem when he discovered that no one knew what he meant by a "dustbin."

Sunday, 19 September 1999 Dubois, Wyoming
(0/1947 miles)Conrad finally called today at 3pm EDT from Dubois.   He has been out of range for his mobile phone and it is so remote that there were very few public phones. (Although you can leave a voice mail on his mobile phone he is unable to retrieve his messages.) He is fit and well with no problems but sounded a little tired from cycling up so many mountain passes. It is raining heavily today but he was hoping that it would clear up shortly and then he was going to leave for Lander which is 70 miles away! Fortunately there are no significant hills to climb on the way. An important news item is that Conrad hasn't had a beer since he was in Missoula, two weeks ago!!

Saturday, 18 September 1999 Dubois, Wyoming
(84/1947 miles) New pictures are available for viewing. Films number 7 and 8 have been added to this site. Check the sidebar. He is staying at the Circle-up Campground tonight. No bike problems. He is eating a lot of pasta which he is cooking himself as there are very few restaurants in this remote region.

Friday, 17 September 1999 Colter Bay Village, WY
(37/1863 miles)  He saw another coyote crossing the road. He climbed Togwotee pass (9,658 ft) which was very slow but he has not had to dismount and walk at any time.  There is very little traffic in this area. He entered Grand Teton National Park today and was very impressed with the beauty of the Tetons.

Thursday, 16 September 1999 Grant Village, WY
(37/1826 miles) He climbed Craig Pass today( 8,261 ft ) and crossed the Continental Divide (8,391 ft). He left Yellowstone National Park.

Wednesday, 15 September 1999 Madison, WY
(12/1789 miles) He crossed the Continental Divide again (7,988 ft).

Tuesday, 14 September 1999 Norris, WY
(37/1826 miles)  Conrad is seeing lots of buffalo and rutting elk. He went to the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone (not to be confused with the Grand Canyon.) and is enjoying all the sights of Yellowstone, including Old Faithfull.

Monday, 13 September 1999 Norris, WY
(12/1777 miles) A parcel from Conrad arrived in Florida today. It contained a copy of the Missoulian newspaper, a brochure on the Bannack ghost town and two rolls of film.   Although the films were marked, there is no corresponding list identifying each print. We will get them developed and then worry about labeling the pictures. ( The webmaster is going to Boston for a few days so the pictures will not reach the web site until Saturday.)

Sunday, 12 September 1999 Madison, WY.
(14/1765 miles) Conrad phoned Tring at 3:30pm EDT from West Yellowstone. He was having his wheeled trued again as road construction on Big Hole Pass (7,360ft), last Wednesday,  had caused him to ride a great deal on gravel roads which was hard work. He has met up with Dave again who is also cycling coast to coast. He hasn't seen any bears or buffalo but he has seen many Osprey and Ravens. He is now inside Yellowstone National Park. He was chased by a coyote today!!! It actually started to cross the road behind him and Dave and then it turned and started to follow them down the road. He now has three new tires which he ordered in Missoula and picked up in West Yellowstone.



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