Three Wheels Across America
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Tuesday, 24 August 1999 Halfway, OR.
(55/1044 miles)

Monday, 23 August 1999 Baker City, OR.
(0/989 miles) Received a very brief e-mail at 3pm EDT and a long phone call at 3pm EDT.   Apparently Conrad is in Baker City having a rest day.  He is having some problem with the altitude, nose bleeds earlier and a headache all day today. Not much in Baker City but he did find a computer shop to send an e-mail and he went to the post office to put a "trace" on the two parcels he sent to Florida that never arrived.  It is possible that because the return address was England they may be now be stuck in customs. He is planning to call Cable & Wireless today. He lost another spoke but had it replaced and the wheel trued at a cycle shop here. He is planning to send another parcel with films to Florida but by recorded delivery of some sort.

I asked a few questions about life on the road and these were some of Conrad's answers: He gets up about 7:30 am and goes to bed about 10pm. He had scrambled eggs and a blueberry muffin for breakfast. He had a burrito for dinner. Some camp sites are free some he has to pay for. The forestry camp sites are less crowded than commercial or state parks but the toilets are just a hole in the ground!  Commercial and state parks have showers. He isn't very good at asking peple to take his picture. He likes to take his picture at each summit - but there is never anyone around.  He is using the timer on his camera. He has no bike problems, no traffic problems - there is very little traffic ouside the towns - he has had no contact with the police! He is impressed with the State Troopers and is not impressed with the county sherrif deputies. He doesn't have a sunburn problem but he does have a red nose. He needs a haircut but plan s to wait until he gets to Missoula, Montana. He has had no rain recently. It's cooler than it was but it's still very warm. He has seen a few deer, lots of cows and llamas and he hears coyotes.  He thinks cycling across America is better than work! He is concerned that he will be in Yellowstone National Park on Labor Day Weekend when it will be very busy.   He says he sees lots of people pretending to be cowboys.  He expects to cross into Idaho on Wednesday when he changes time zones and loses (?)an hour.

Sunday, 22 August 1999 Baker City, OR.
(72/987 miles) By camping at Dixie Pass and having a long day today he avoided staying overnight in Sumpter and arrived in Baker City having saved a day. He is travelling with a guy named Brian from New Orleans.  Although they don't cycle together they have been meeting up each night at the camp sites. He met a couple from New England going the other way.

Saturday, 21 August 1999 Dixie Pass, OR.
(53/915 miles)  Clear 81 deg F, wind 17 mph. Conrad's parcels with the films have still not arrived. Conrad was going to stay overnight in Prairie City but kept going up to Dixie Pass campground at an Altitude of 5,277ft.  He woke up at 2am with a nose bleed and it stopped. However when he woke at 7:30am he was covered in blood as it had started again.  He believes this is due to the altitude.

Friday, 20 August 1999 Presbyterian Church, Dayville, OR.
pic1.jpg (14173 bytes)(45/862 miles) No news today. Population of  Dayville is 185 and  Conrad will be camping in the city park. Today  I registered this web site with a number of search engines, Lycos, Yahoo, Alta Vista, Infoseek and Webcrawler. A group of 11 on an adventure cycling tour from Virginia stayed , with Conrad, in the church. They were too organized (regimented) for Conrad's taste.



Thursday, 19 August 1999 Lion's Club, Mitchell, OR.
(39/817 miles) Received a call from Conrad at 2:30pm EDT. All is well. He has met another cyclist who is heading to the Atlantic and although they are not cyling together they keep meeting. It is in the 90sF again. He has been taking lots of pictures but he is not in any of them.  I reminded him to get other people to take pictures of him and his bike and something of local interest! Conrad is sleeping very well in his tent and in fact prefers it to the motel He has no physical problems with aching muscles or anything. Evrything is just going well. The road he is travelling on is a regular two lane highway without much of a shoulder. There is not a lot of traffic but it is reasonably constant throughout the day.  Conrad really liked this small town. The people, especially the kids, were very friendly. It was small, 2 motels, 2 stores and a cafe!!

I discovered that Conrad had sent his parcels to 19804 rather than 19824 Wyndham Lakes Drive.  I checked with the Post Office but they did not have the parcels but they said they would keep a look out for them.

Wednesday, 18 August 1999 Ochoco Lake SP, Prineville, OR.
(52/778 miles)
Received e-mail at 3pm EDT. All is well.  Conrad went to the library in Prineville and obtained access to the internet. He read and sent e-mails and checked out this web site. He is only allowed 10 minutes access but he sweet talked the librarian into letting him stay on longer. Weather is very hot, in the 90s F. The area is obviously very mountainous but also arid and dusty. He has seen lots of dead snakes but no live ones so far. There was a spectacular thunderstorm this evening. Lots of lightning but only about 5 minutes of heavy rain.

Tuesday, 17 August 1999 Sisters City Park, OR.
(42/726 miles)
three_sisters.jpg (55883 bytes)The McKenzie pass was 22 miles long and slow. Very beautiful with the lava flows on the top and snow on the pass. TheThree Sisters mountains were covered in snow and were fantastic. Conrad  met two guys, one called Brian, going other way and camped in the city park of sisters.

Link to more pictures of the Three Sisters

Monday, 16 August 1999 McKenzie Bridge, OR.
(60/684 miles)
Still not received either of Conrad's parcels. This web site is getting more popular. It typically gets 2 or 3 hits a day but there were 7 hits today. He spoke with the Register-Guard but they were not too interested as Conrad had no supporting evidence of what he was doing. Also it would be more  of a story when he nears the end of the journey.He bought an innertube but decided against buying any lights. he decided he didn't rally need them until Montana!!

Sunday, 15 August 1999 Eugene, OR.
(0/624 miles)
eugene.jpg (20011 bytes)
Received an e-mail from Conrad at 5pm EDT and a phone call at 6:15pm EDT. He is having a rest day at Eugene,OR. He is a little disapointed that so many places are closed on Sunday. He has decided not to have  any more rest days on Sunday.   He is concerned that he is 8 days behind schedule.  He is grateful for all the e-mail he received from The Bucks Herald and Mix-96.He is aware that there is a lot of climbing ahead to get over the Mckenzie pass. At some point he had a puncture and had to replace the inner-tube. Unfortunately the bike shops were closed on Sunday. He will stay around Eugene on Monday morning to contact the Register-Guard and visit a bike shop to buy an inner tube and some lights. He realises that he is leaving civilizarion behind in Eugene. No more large towns for many days. By Tuesday he expects to be in semi-desert and he will be carrying 4 litres of water.

Saturday, 14 August 1999 Eugene, OR.
(61/624 miles)
It is 72 deg F, humidity 43% and the forecast is warmer weather. Went through a road tunnel. You press a button at the start and lights flash to warn motorists that a cyclist is in the tunnel. Staying in a $38 a night motel for two nights- with the luxury of a TV. Discovered that Eugene is the home of Nike. He met a guy called Paul who works for
The Register-Guard (the local newspaper)and he is going to try and get them to do a feature. They met in a bar and then adjorned to a micro-brewery. Today was the first day that it rained while he was cycling. All rain up to now had been overnight. Conrad is looking out for other cyclists who are going coast to coast now that he is on the official route. Today he only saw one cyclist and he was going the other way.

Friday, 13 August 1999 Honeyman State Park, Florence , OR.
(48/563 miles)

Happy Birthday.

It is Conrad's 26th birthday today. Unfortunately he will not be getting many birthday cards.
He did some washing in a laundromat and is now sweet smelling and clean. Some of the wildlife seen so far has included osprey's, turkey vultures, a bald eagle and chipmunks.

Thursday, 12 August 1999 Sunset Bay State Park, OR.
(55/515 miles)
Conrad walked into a "puddle" at night and got wet up to his middle.  He left his clothes out overnight to dry but it rained! ( This puddle was also described as a small pond by the path and he has no idea how he ended up in it! I do not think that alcohol was involved!)

Wednesday, 11 August 1999 Humbug Mtn State Park, OR.
(48/460 miles)
Conrad called Florida at 7pm EDT from Gold Beach, CA. All is well. He is enjoying himself a lot as he now feels that he is getting into a routine. He says he generally buys one meal a day and cooks one meal a day. He enjoys breakfast with lots of coffee in the diners. No traffic problems so far. As it is only 4pm local time he intends to continue on to the state park to camp. He has sampled a few Coors beers but is not impressed.

Tuesday, 10 August 1999 Harris Beach, OR
(51/412 miles)
Great achievement today he crossed the California state line into Oregon. He met someone today who had cycled across the USA and received a lot of encouragement. He told him not to worry about falling behind schedule as he can make it up on the boring prairies.

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