Three Wheels Across America
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Saturday, 11 September 1999 West Yellowstone, MT.
(89/1751 miles) Received an e-mail from Con. All is well and he expects to get to Yellowstone this evening. I am busy organizing and scanning four rolls of film. Lots of pics of Oregon and Idaho.Take a look by selecting Films 3, 4, 5 and 6 in the sidebar. The lowest temperature today, in the USA, is in Yellowstone, just about freezing ovenight.

Friday, 10 September 1999 Virginia City, MT.
(49/1662 miles) John & Carol Conrad ended their vacation in England and flew back to Florida.

Thursday, 9 September 1999 Dillon, MT.
(25/1613 miles) Conrad's parcel with 4 films arrived at Kim & Randy's in Florida. Kim developed the films and Randy e-mailed one picture, (Conrad on the Mckenzie summit). Conrad sent a long e-mail to Tring. 
Wednesday, 8 September 1999 Bannack State Park, MT.
(47/1588 miles) Conrad's second missing parcel turned up at his flat in Aylesbury. This one had parts of a stove in it. Bannack is a ghost town which really impressed him.He met a family there who fed him and gave him a check for $25 as they had read the article in the Missoulian.

Tuesday, 7 September 1999 Wisdom, MT.
(39/1541 miles) The webmaster has been out of touch but is back in communication again. conrad stayed in the american Legion Memorial Park.  It has been very cold at night, 17 deg F this night, and he has bought a sleeping mat to help keep him warm at night. He is also enquiring about making warm food such as porridge.

Monday, 6 September Warm Springs USFS, MT.
(35/1502 miles) The Missoulian printed an excellent article on Conrad today.   A copy of the article can be seen by selecting "Missoulian" on the sidebar of this page.    Warm Springs is near Sula.

Sunday, 5 September 1999 Hamilton, MT.
(54/1467 miles) Conrad's third e-mail from Missoula. Stayed in Missoula until lunchtime in order to give an interview to Bety Cohen of the "Missoulian" He is planning to leave town this afternoon and stay at St Mary's RV Park.

Saturday, 4 September 1999 Missoula, MT.
(0/1413 miles) Conrad sent another e-mail. He mailed 2 books, 3 maps and 4 films to Florida today. "Everything is going splendidly." He set up the voice-mail capability on his mobile phone. He ordered 3 replacement tyres. The Big Sky Brewing Company gave him a Moose Drool T-shirt. He met lots of fantastic people in Missoula and at the Adventure Cycling HQ. They took his picture and put it on the wall. He promises thet the next pictures we see will have lots of pictures of him, his trike and his tent!

Friday, 3 September 1999 Missoula, MT.
(0/1413 miles) Conrad was given a mobile phone today by Barbara McLeod from Cable & Wireless. He sent an e-mail.

Thursday, 2 September 1999 Missoula, MT.
(0/1413 miles) Received an e-mail fom Conrad this morning and a phone call to Tring in the evening. He corrected our erroneous assumptions about his travel over the last few days. The temperatures have dropped dramatically and last night was close to freezing. He has reports of snow in the mountains - sounds like fun to come! However the drop in temperatures over the last few days suits him much better - so much so that he rode the 7 mile Lolo pass to 5,235ft twice!!! John & Carol are in Tring and saw Conrad's photographs. Not one of Conrad in America!! We will scan a selection of these pictures and will add them to this web site.

Wednesday, 1 September 1999 Missoula, MT.
(50/1413 miles) Received Conrad's parcel which he sent to Florida - it arrived in Tring today after being mailed on the 9th August from Arcata, California. Margaret is getting the films developed today.

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