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Kansas & Missouri

(Conrad crossed in to Illinois on Monday.)

Sunday, October 24, 1999 Farmington, MO

(47/3489 miles)Conrad called this evening about 8pm EDT. The Ozarks were quite nice, just short steep hills. The weather is getting colder. It is often below freezing overnight and the first couple of hours in the morning are a little uncomfortable. He is also having problems with dogs. For some reason there are lots of dogs in Missouri and they follow him and bark and get under his wheels. They haven't bitten him yet but they are a nuisance. One dog followed him for two miles.  I passed on Jayne/Antoinette's phone number and I called Antoinette and gave her the latest news on Conrad. They will probably meet in Cave In Rock, IL on Thursday.

Saturday, October 23, 1999 Centerville, MO

(3442 miles)Conrad left a brief voice mail at 5pm EDTsaying that he was following the route and hadn't made up any lost time.

Friday, October 22, 1999 Eminence, MO

We are making arrangements, via e-mail, for Conrad to meet Jayne at Cave In Rock, IL or Seebree, KY. (Jayne is visiting the US from the Castle Pub in Tring.) Conrad broke a front gear cable as he arrived in Eminence but it wasn't a problem as he was carrying a spare. He stayed in a motel.

Thursday, October 21, 1999 Houston, MO

(64/3360 miles) Conrad called this morning from Marshfield. All is well. Hew has finally replaced his flag so that truckers have a reasonable chance of seeing him in the distance. He did not stop at the post office in Pittsburgh so he apologizes to anyone who sent him mail.   His front tire is getting a little bald. He has a spare so he will change it when he gets an opportunity. He is meeting very little traffic at the moment and he thinks that Missouri is more interesting than Kansas as it has more rolling hills.  He is looking forward to going to Chester, IL as it is the home of Popeye the Sailorman or at least the birthplace of the original author.

Wednesday, October 20, 1999 Marshfield MO

(48/3296 miles)  Received a very brief e-mail this afternoon, also a longer e-mail summarizing Conrad's thoughts about each state that he has visited.  Conrad is in e-mail contact with a friend-of-a-friend in western Kentucky.  The web site maps have been updated today. He camped in the city park.

Tuesday, October 19 1999 Ashgrove, MO

(39/3248 miles) Conrad stayed in a nice Bed & Breakfast in this small town. He thought that it was just like an English B & B.

Monday, October 18 1999 Golden City, MO

(75/3209 miles) Conrad entered his eighth state today.

Sunday, October 17 1999 Erie, KS

(15/3134 miles) Conrad called his parents in Tring, today, and reported that all was well but headwinds were slowing him down and making him work hard.  He is in good spirits but the weather is cold according to the locals, about 60 deg F. He awoke to find another flat tire which he had to repair before he could start off.

Saturday, October 16 1999 Chanute, KS

(62/3119 miles) Camped in a park and used the Wal-Mart rest rooms.  He hasn't had any problems with traffic but he still hasn't replaced his flags. The area is a little more populated now with with more frequent small towns.

Friday, October 15 1999 Eureka, KS

(36/3057 miles) Received an e-mail from Conrad who has been struggling against a headwind and had to deal with a puncture. Travelling 17 miles took 4 hours and was very hard work. Today he is having his first shower in eight days.

Thursday, October 14 1999 Cassoday KS

(69/3021 miles) The "Route" spreadsheet page has been updated to reflect Conrad's latest position. Conrad liked Cassoday which is the "Prairie Chicken Capital of the World." Whatever a prairie chicken is! He had a very good buffet for $7 ( including chicken) and was given extra to take away with him. He slept on the floor in the Methodist Church and they checked him in the morning to make sure he was OK.

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Cassoday Cafe  and   Methodist  Church

Cassoday: Population: 95 • Founded: 1869 • Area Code: 316 • ZIP Code: 66842
Elevation: 1470 feet • Latitude: 38 22' 20" N • Longitude: 96 38' 20" W

Cassoday is located in the Flint Hills of northern Butler (BU) County, north of El Dorado Lake on The Kansas Turnpike. The community, although small, has the amenities to be self sufficient. Cassoday is a place where travelers can stop and get the services they need while enjoying a more relaxed pace and a chance to rest before proceeding on their travels.

Wednesday, October 13 1999 Buhler, KS

(55/2957 miles) He is in the middle of an oilfield and is surrounded by a herd of "nodding donkeys" but he forgot to photograph them.

Tuesday, 12 October 1999 Hudson, KS

(40/2902 miles) The webmaster has uploaded  films 13 & 14.  More good pictures. Take a look. In  Hudson Con was given ice-cream and 2 cinnamon rolls along with some gas for his stove.

Monday, 11 October 1999 Larned, KS

(48/2,862 miles)  Conrad phoned this evening. All is well. The weather is hot and sunny, over 80 degrees F. This part of Kansas is not really flat just gently rolling hills.  He is camping tonight in the city park. The police know where he is, there are no sprinklers and it's free. He is travelling without his flags and flagpole because it was stolen in Pueblo. We told him he should buy another one as it really helps drivers to see him.  He has not seen any other Coast to Coast cyclists since Breckenridge.  He received a $25 donation today. He is thinking ahead and wondering how he is going to get his bike from Yorktown, VA to either Tampa, Florida and/or England. Hopefully the airline will carry it when he flies to Tampa on November 22nd or maybe UPS will transport it to Florida in time for Conrad's flight back to England from Orlando on November 28th. The Thanksgiving holiday is an added complication. While in Larned he visited the Scouting Museum and bought a uniform as Conrad is or was a Scout Leader in England.

Sunday, 10 October 1999 Jetmore, KS

(55/2,814 miles)  Conrad received another police escort into town.  Apparently the truckers who are moving the harvested grain are notifying other truckers of Conrad's location using their CB radios.  The police monitor the CB talk and go and find Conrad when it is getting dark. As they put it   " It is easier to escort him into town than it would be to scrape him off the front of an 18-wheeler!!" 

Saturday, 9 October 1999 Garden City, KS

(25/2,759 miles)  Con phoned early afternoon from Garden City, KS where he found the bike shop and was able to buy a replacement bag. . He has mailed the old (damaged) bag to Florida. He had an offer of a bed for the night, which he accepted.  After another automatic sprinkler dousing (not freezing this time) he has been staying in motels for a few days, rather than the City Parks, but might camp tonight.

The weather is pretty warm again and the countryside is very flat, with the odd small hill. Outside the towns are fields and fields, with the occasional group of grain elevators, visible for miles.

The webmaster was in Boston all week so news and updates have been a little sparse. Hopefully I will get chance to update the map and spreadsheet over the next couple of days and input films 13 and 14.

 Friday, 8 October 1999 Lakin, KS

(75/2,734 miles)  Today he passed USA's largest cattle processing plant, just outside this town, the roads being very busy with endless streams of cattle trucks. He arrived at Lakin at around dusk and outside town was stopped by the County Sheriff, who escorted him the last 6 or 7 miles into town, to be sure of his safety. He was very impressed. Today, Conrad crossed another time zone, from Mountain Time (UK minus 7 hours) to Central Time (UK minus 6 hours). Received a parcel in Florida from Conrad containing two films, many patches (cloth badges) two maps and a brochure from Royal Gorge.


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