Three Wheels Across America
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Tuesday, 31 August 1999 Powell, ID.
(64/1340 miles)

Monday, 30 August 1999 Lowell, ID.
(50/1276 miles)

Sunday, 29 August 1999 Grangeville, ID.
(44/1226 miles) Conrad called his brother, Chris Evans in Tring. He was still in Riggins but was leaving later that day. He says he is getting into real cowboy country and to fit in with the image he has not put his tent up for the last few nights, but slept under the stars with only his bed-roll between him and the night air!!! A haircut was procured in Cambridge during which the "stylist" asked many questions about the trip and refused to accept any money from him, wishing him well for the jorney ahead.

He has been fairly sociable with the locals of Rigguins recently and was particularly surprised when one young lady asked him if anybody had cycled from coast to coast before!!! This caused a wave of wagging from her companions, Riggins being one of the major stop off points on the official coast to coast cycle route!!!

He is still enjoying himself very much and the words "wonderful", "amazing" and "oh so friendly" are much repeated in his description of small town USA.

Saturday 28 August 1999 Riggins, ID.
(60/1182 miles) He said that he had seen a fox like creature with a white tip to its tail and had heard wolves or Coyotes howling in the night some distance away. There are brown bears nearby to which Conrad just says "they are more scared of me than I of them."

Friday, 27 August 1999 Council, ID.
(0/1122 miles)Received an e-mail from Conrad today which he wrote at 4pm local time on Thursday while in the town of Council.

Thursday, 26 August 1999 Council, ID.
(22/1122 miles) He is bracing himself for the climb up to New Meadows.  He is suffering a headache from sunstroke. It is over 100 deg F

Wednesday, 25 August 1999 Cambridge, ID.
(58/1100 miles) Very hot, over 100 degs F and he cycled 60 miles in the heat. He met two guys in town and a lady left $10 for his lunch. Quote from Conrad "I love these little towns they are so interesting and the people are so nice. I am going to find out if they have a laundry here and if so I may stay here."



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