Photographs from Film Number Eight

p8_1.jpg (22470 bytes)P8/1   Stevenville??

p8_2.jpg (14701 bytes)P8/2   Stevenville??

p8_3.jpg (67769 bytes)P8/3   A native american display near Bannock

p8_3.jpg (67769 bytes)P8/4  

p8_7.jpg (32987 bytes)P8/7   Lost Trail Summit.

p8_8.jpg (26717 bytes)P8/8 Chief Joseph Pass, 7,241 ft.

p8_9.jpg (47765 bytes)P8/9 Wisdom Campground

p8_10.jpg (44196 bytes)P8/10   Wisdom Campground, American Legion Memorial Park

p8_12.jpg (16418 bytes)P8/12   Wisdom Campground

p8_14.jpg (23323 bytes)P8/14

p8_15.jpg (23332 bytes)P8/15   Bannock Ghost Town

p8_16.jpg (21937 bytes)P8/16   Bannock Ghost Town

p8_17.jpg (26688 bytes)P8/17   The church in Bannock Ghost Town

p8_18.jpg (20116 bytes)P8/18   The church in Bannock Ghost Town

P6_19.jpg (41828 bytes)P8/19   Conrad outside the church in Bannock Ghost Town

P6_20.jpg (35677 bytes)P8/20   Conrad on the wagon in Bannock Ghost Town