Three Wheels Across America
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Tuesday, 10 August 1999 Harris Beach, OR
(51/412 miles)
Great achievement today he crossed the California state line into Oregon. He met someone today who had cycled across the USA and received a lot of encouragement. He told him not to worry about falling behind schedule as he can make it up on the boring prairies.

Monday, 9 August 1999  Prairie Creek SP,CA
(50/361 miles)
Conrad saw lots of elk as he was cycling through this park. He had an exciting time at a camp site somewher when he lost control of his liquid gas cooking stove and set a picnic table on fire. Fortunately he was able to put it out before he set the forrest on fire. He now understands the stove and is confident that he will have no more problems. He enjoyed a sign "A fed bear is a dead bear." He hasn't seen any bears. I think Conrad mailed a second parcel today to Florida. This one contains two films.

Sunday, 8 August 1999 Arcata,CA
(52/311 miles)
Invited to camp overnight on Bill & Nancy's front lawn and had the use of a washing machine. One day he broke a spoke but was able to find a shop to get a replacemnt. He is now looking for a shop where he can re-align the wheel.(Probably not until Eugene OR.)

Saturday, 7 August 1999 Avenue of Giants, Weott, CA.
(45/259 miles) .
Conrad had lunch at Garberville and called Florida. He continued to the Avenue of the Giants. He met lots of people including Phil.  Quote of the day from Conrad "Feeling good and getting up the hills OK. Coastline great."

Friday, 6 August 1999 Standish Hickey SP, Eggett, CA
(45/214 miles)
It rained today.

Thursday, 5 August 1999 Mac Kerricher SP,Ft Bragg, CA.
( 43/169 miles)
Conrad phoned Florida at 7pm EST with an update. All is well, but he is battling a headwind. He said that a racoon had raided his bag and taken lots of things out. He was now storing food in wooden boxes attached to the picnic tables in the state park . I think he mailed a parcel to Florida today. It contained parts of a stove he doesn't need.

bragg.jpg (32718 bytes)The largest fishing port between San Francisco and Eureka is located at Fort Bragg. Noyo Harbor is a working port with a fleet of commercial fishing
boats that harvest salmon, albacore, black cod, bottom fish, crab and urchins.
It is home to the internationally recognized Mendocino Botanical Gardens with its extensive collection of rhododendrons and other plants that thrive in a coastal environment.

Wednesday, 4 August 1999 , Manchester State Park, CA.
(59/126 miles)

Tuesday, 3 August 1999 Bodega Bay, CA.
(52/67 miles)
bodegalogo.gif (5904 bytes)Bodega Bay is hugged by the coast of Sonoma,
south of the Russian River in Sonoma County
and north of the Marin County line, less than 60
miles north of San Francisco.Today, the harbor is a popular fishing and clamming area. Due to its mild climate and variety of habitats, the harbor attracts shorebirds and waterfowl in great numbers and diversity. The area also attracts migrating Monarch butterflies in autumn.

Monday, 2 August 1999 Samuel P. Taylor State Park, CA
(15/15 miles)

This park is just north of San Francisco, over the Golden Gate bridge,  near Muir Woods.It appears that the plans have changed and that Conrad has now cyled across the Golden Gate bridge and is cycling northwards toward Oregon.

Friday, 30 July 1999 Conrad has started his journey. The first e-mail report arrived today and  said that he had safely arrived in San Francisco.from Heathrow via new York, JFK on American Airlines. Unfortunately his sleeping bag had safely arrived in Miami.
Anyway his trike is in storage at the airport and he plans to collect it on Sunday. Apparently the only west coast destination that he could arrange at short notice was San Francisco.