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Three Wheels Across America.

Conrad Evans is 26 years old and has cerebral palsy. On 31 July 1999 Conrad flew to San Francisco to undertake the challenge of cycling, on his specially adapted tricycle, from coast to coast of the USA. Starting in San Francisco, he cycled the 550 miles up the coast of California to Florence, near Eugene, Oregon on the Pacific coast, to commence his 4,000-mile ride, to Yorktown, Virginia on the eastern seaboard.

Conrad’s aim is to raise at least 10,000 for the charity Scope, for people with cerebral palsy, and in so doing, raise public awareness and demonstrate the capabilities of a section of society, which are too often portrayed as prisoners of their condition. He has the full backing and support of Scope for this mammoth task.

In 1994 Conrad completed the British equivalent, the 1,000-mile Land’s End to John O’Groat’s, in 15 days. He intends to take around 85 days to complete the USA coast to coast journey (plus 20 maintenance and rest days). The route takes in 10 States and climbs over the Rockies, to a height of over 11,500 feet.

The trip has been planned in detail and will cost around 3,000. Conrad is looking for corporate sponsors to turn his ambition into reality. The costs are made up of flights, accommodation, food and servicing for the journey.

There is already an element of national press interest, which is expected to increase as the trip develops providing good publicity opportunities, on both sides of the Atlantic, for any organisation willing to help to sponsor the event. It is expected that local media networks during the route will take up the story and provide good local coverage.

This is a huge undertaking and you are invited to offer whatever support you can, towards the basic costs and in helping Conrad to reach his goal.