Three Wheels Around Oz

September 2002














Monday, September 30th - Carnarvon Tourist Park

Saturday, September 21st -

"Dear Conrad!

Mate, a fishing trip is not about catching fish. I feel it's more important to sit quietly in a silent body of water!!


Wednesday,  September 18, 2002 - Roebourne

"Dear All

I have made it to Roebourne and have had a lot of headwind to Port Hedland that has put me back a little.  Headwinds really make things hard and I took a few days off at 80 mile beach and Port Hedland.  It is very draining on you to constantly battle against the wind.  From Broome I have been at:

01/09  Roebuck Road House               40km
02/09  Parking Bay 56 km w of Roebuck  56km
03/09  Goldwire Rest Area               66km
04/09  Stanley Rest Area                60km
05/09  Sandfire RoadHouse              108km
06/09  80 Mile Beach                    55km
07/09  80 Mile Beach
08/09  80 Mile Beach
09/09  Pardoo RoadHouse                105km
10/09  DeGray Rest Area                 71km
11/09  Port Hedland Caravan Park       70km
12/09  Port Hedland Caravan Park       20km
13/09  Port Hedland Caravan Park
14/09  Port Hedland Caravan Park
15/09  South Hedland Caravan Park      14km
16/09  Yule River Rest Area             50km
17/09  Sherlock River Rest Area        85km

That is where I have been since Broome.  I was having a hell of a time from Sandfire that I decided to go 10km on dirt to 80 Mile Beach where I met a lovely family, Daren, Sara, Charlotte and Georgina and we went fishing, caught and ate some Threadfin Salmon and Catfish.  It was a fantastic place, that you can just relax down on the beach.   I met up with Martin and Fianne again at the Degray River Rest Area which was another very quiet relaxing place.  The rivers here do not have much water in them, so you will generally only see a dry river bed.

I eventually made it to Port Hedland and was absolutely drained because I had been pushing headwinds all the way from Broome.  It is hard because you are not cycling very fast, which is very tough because you are fighting the wind and you are knackered by the end of the day.  When you look at how far you have traveled and how long it took you it is soul destroying.

Port Hedland is a mining town that has the longest privately owned railway network in the world and pulls some of the longest trains in the world.  They mine iron ore around the Pilbra and take it by trains that can be 4.5 km long, (the record is 7.5 km long), it is then sifted or turned into ore brickets and shipped by boat around the world.

As well as going on the tour which was given to me by a couple who I met at Port Hedland Caravan Park I went fishing with a chap and his sister Waroo and Kath and a couple from Victoria.  I caught nothing and just lost 2 hooks when they got snagged on the rocks.   Not a successful fishing trip.

That's all

Conrad Evans"

Tuesday, September 17th - Sherlock River Rest Area  

Monday, September 16th - Yule River Rest Area

Sunday, September 15th - South Hedland Caravan Park

Saturday, September 14th - Port Hedland Caravan Park

Friday, September 13th - Port Hedland Caravan Park
I am a little confused by some of Conrad's e-mails. I think this is part of one he sent to his friend Ian.
"I decided not to go up to Darwin because I wanted to keep my optimism going by making progress.  The other reason was that I did not have the time to see the things like Kakadu and Litchfield National Park.

It was once I left Katherine that I kept bumping into the same people travelling round in caravans.  I am travelling at about the same speed as some of them in the sense that they travel about 400-500 km and then stop for a week and I just pass them or catch them.   It is quite spookey but has taught me that you do not know where you are going to meet them again.

Coming into WA I was given lots of fruit, veggies and honey because you are not allowed to take them into WA because of the spread of fruit fly etc.

At the WA boarder the boarder guards said that they knew I was coming because a caravan had said that I was up theroad and I was not looking good.  This was because it was hot and I do look aweful when I am hot.  I stopped 2 nights at Kununurra where I caught up with Anne & Corinne, just before they went off to Broome down the Gibb River Road.

The ride down to Broome was largely uneventful staying in rest areas and bush camps.   I spent a few days in Halls Creek and then headed off to Fitzroy and Broome.

This was the start of hell for me because I was pushing headwinds all the way and when I got to Sandfire RH I was ina bad way and the dayafter I just crumbled and went 10km in off dirt to 80 Mile Beach to rest and get out ofthe wind.  At 80 Mile Beach I did some fishing and just relaxed.  I then was pushing a headwind all the way to Port Headland.

Best Regards

Conrad Evans"

Thursday, September 12th - Port Hedland Caravan Park

Wednesday, September 11th - Port Hedland Caravan Park 

Tuesday, September 10th - DeGray Rest Area

Monday, September 9th - Pardoo Road House

Sunday, September 8th - 80 Mile Beach

Saturday, September 7th - 80 Mile Beach

Friday, September 6th - 80 Mile Beach

Thursday, September 5th - Sandfire Road House

Wednesday, September 4th - Stanley Rest Area

Tuesday, September 3rd - Goldwire Rest Area

Monday, September 2nd - Parking Bay

Sunday, September 1st - Roebuck Road House