Three Wheels Around Oz

October 2002













Thursday, October 31st - Perth, The Hadlows

Wednesday, October 30th - Perth, The Hadlows

Tuesday, October 29th, 2002 - Perth, The Hadlows

I received this Progress Report today:

"We met Conrad on the 7th October 2002 at the "Billabong" Road House, about 60km south of the Hamelyn Pool (Shark Bay) turn-off. He was heading south towards Perth, and had stopped at the Road House.

Conrad was in good shape. We gave him dinner, and chatted all evening about this and that. We gave him breakfast the following morning, then left ahead of him on our journey. At this time, he was making progress between 40km and 60km per day.  No real concerns. Conrad's health/morale was good at this time He was on the south/west section, which (he says) is relatively easy. The hard part (northwest section) is done.

Tom Miller
Stevenage, Herts, England"

Monday, October 28th - Perth, The Hadlows

Sunday, October 27th - Perth, The Hadlows

Saturday, October 26th - Perth, The Hadlows

Friday, October 25th - Perth, The Hadlows

Thursday, October 24th - Perth, The Hadlows

Wednesday, October 23rd - Perth, The Hadlows

Tuesday, October 22nd - Perth, The Hadlows

Monday, October 21st, 2002 - Perth - 9,179km/5,737m

"Good Day everyone,

I am now in Perth and am featured in the West Australian newspaper today. You can look at this by going to www.thewest.com.au and following the links to news and Perth. More details later.

Regards, Conrad Evans"

E-mail from Trevor Rob:
"Hi.  Unfortunately the article was severely cut for space reasons (given the Bali situation here almost everything else is being cut back) and on a normal day it would have been given more space. That said, the photo came out well. Conrad seems like a great guy and I wish him all the best.

Regards, Trevor Robb, West Australian Newspaper"

Sunday, October 20th, 2002 - Perth - 9,179km/5,737m

Conrad started his extended stay with Margaret & Bob Hadlow.

E-mail from Trevor Rob: "I'm a reporter for the West Australian Newspaper in Perth and interviewed Conrad on the main road into the city this morning. He was in good health and good spirits but glad to see a decent-sized town where he can cool his heels for a while. We took some photographs of Conrad which we are publishing with a small story in our newspaper tomorrow (Monday, October 21). The West Australian's website is www.thewest.com.au but I'm not sure if the story will be posted on the site or not.
Trevor Robb

Saturday, October 19th - Bindoon Lions Park

Friday, October 18th - Diane & Lyle Gardeners Farm

Thursday, October 17th - Mora Motel

Wednesday, October 16th - Carnamah Caravan Park

Tuesday, October 15th - Mingenew Caravan Park

Monday, October 14th - South Bend Caravan Park

Sunday, October 13th, 2002 - Geraldton -8,747km/5,467m

"I have made it to Geraldton where I have spent 2 days relaxing before heading down to Perth and hopefully coming to the end of the headwinds. While in Geraldton I went on a tall ship trip on the STS Leeuwin which was a replica of a Dutch ship that came down to Austrailia.

Whilst on the ship I climbed the rigging up to the first level which really was absolutely great.

In order for me to scale the rigging they put me into a full body harness that was then secured so that there was no danger of me falling to the deck. I had one person above me one below and one to my left. I was guided all the way up and then pulled up onto the first level platform. The veiw from the top was superb as you looked all the way round. The person below me guided my feet up and down the rope ladder, some of the steps were about 12" apart. It was very hard on my knees and I was hanging on for dear life as you feel as though you are going to fall but you won't. Lots of pictures were taken and will appear on the website soon.

The climb was the highlight of my trip on the Leeuwin. The rest of my time in Geraldton has been just stocking up on supplies and r & r.

 Best Regards, Conrad Evans"

Saturday, October 12th - Geraldon Belair Gardens

Friday, October 11th - Geraldon Belair Gardens

Thursday, October 10th - Northampton Caravan Park

Wednesday, October 9th - Galena Bridge Rest Area

Tuesday, October 8th - Nerren Rest Area

Monday, October 7th - Billibong Roadhouse

Sunday, October 6th - Parking Bay

Saturday, October 5th - Wooramel Roadhouse

Friday, October 4th - Edaggee Rest Area

Thursday, October 3rd - Carnarvon Tourist Park

Wednesday, October 2nd, 2002 - Carnarvon - 8,267km/5,167m

"I have made it to Carnarvon where I have taken a few days to recover before my next leg down to Perth.

It took longer than expected to get from Port to Carnarvon because of the headwinds.  I have had in the whole of September 3 days in which I have had tailwinds, these have not even been all day and they have turned in the afternoon to headwinds.  Enough I hear you cry, the sun is out and it is nice and warm, so stop being a Whinging Pom .

The highlight of the trip from Port Hedland has been crossing the Tropic of Capricorn heading south towards Perth. 

I had probably the quietest stretch of road on the whole of Highway One.  That was the stretch between the the two Exmouth turn-offs was very quiet absolutely fantastic.

I caught up with Mike Hill who is a chap from London cycling round Oz.  Heleft Sydney a month after me and has been chasing me ever since.  We met briefly as he was going into Broome and I was going out.  We finally caught up with each other in Karratha and he has now gone ahead of me, we shall catch up with each other in Perth.

The other big event that happened to me was that when I got to Fortescue RH there was a Fallen Riders annual meet from Karratha.  This is held every year on the Saturday closest to 23 September as this was the date a motorcyclist was killed on the road south of Karratha. The biker were members of the KBA Karratha Bikers Association (not a club).   It was great and I joined them because I was not going to get any sleep with them partying all night as that is what some of them did.  They had a band and a barbe.  

As I was leaving Fortescue I parked up at the front of the RH and a fella who was with a wide load came out and said "Are you serious?" I said "yeah" and he went back inside saying "He is"
We then got chatting and they were on there way to Dampier 2 cars and a wide load on a truck.

I then set off for the long treck down to Carnarvon which I was glad to get to.  I had a tailwind from Minilya RH to 100km out and 40km from Carnarvon.  I was going to get to Carnarvon in one day but, I stopped to talk to a Welsh couple and while talking to the the girl stood up and said the winds changed direction, my immediate reaction was no don't let it be true and to my horror it was so I struggled on and cursed the Welsh and only got a further 10km up the road.  A nice couple stopped and gave me some fruit and water and I pedalled into the bush for the night.

The following morning I rode into Carnarvon and have rested for 3 days as I need the break.  I was at rock bottom when I came into town, I felt as though I had just been to hell and back. After a few days rest and rehydration I am cookin on gas again ready for the next leg to Perth.

At Carnarvon I have met 2 couples Christine & Peter van Rysingen and Mark & Judy Corby.  They are both travelling round and camped opposite me and we have had happy hour with them and just relaxed.

I have followed Stardust's Circus, Or have they followed me, I shall let you decide, from Kununurra and they are tooting me as they pass me.  I may not meet with them until I get to Geraldton now. 
Best Regards

Conrad Evans

Tuesday, October 1st - Carnarvon Tourist Park