Three Wheels Around Oz

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April 2002

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Tuesday, April 30th - Rockhampton - 43 days

Con phoned Florida and sounded in great spirits. I was out when he called but he spoke to Carol for about 15 minutes before I arrived. He is really having a good time. He enjoyed the radio interview and was off to visit "The caves" this morning. ( I must do a little research and find out about these caves.) He was disappointed that everywhere is closed at the weekends but he is excited about the media coverage and said that he would get a mention on the ABC website ( I took a look but couldn't find anything.) He believes that he does not have to pay for incoming calls on his mobile phone, only outgoing calls.

Monday, April 29th - Rockhampton -42 days

David Anderson contacted me via the website and supplied the following news:

"I encountered Conrad when I spotted his trike outside an internet cafe in Rockhampton and I approached him for a chat for my Breakfast radio program, heard throughout Central Queensland. I thoroughly enjoyed chatting with him, and am most grateful for the time and energy he devoted to fulfilling my request.

Certainly, I'm sure he will be eagerly sought after by ABC Queensland personnel as he continues his trip.

Kindest regards, and thanks,
David Anderson, Breakfast Presenter,
ABC Radio Capricornia, Queensland AUSTRALIA"

Sunday, April 28th - Rockhampton - 41 days and 993 m/1,589 km

Received an e-mail from Con which he actually sent on Monday morning.

"Here I am again letting you all know where I am and what I've been up to.  I am in Rockhampton and have been here since Friday.  I stayed in the Riverside Caravan Park which is on the north side of Rockhampton and 5 mins walk from the centre.  This would have been great but everything seems to be shut on the weekend.  Hey, never mind it gave me time to relax and walk round the Botanical Gardens and zoo.

I saw the Koalas being fed.  It was wonderful to see them rush down out of the tree as the keeper brought them the eucalyptus to eat.  I took some pictures which will be sent off today for developing and you all can see them on my web site soon.  They also had parrots, roos, wallabies, crocs.  I was not really interested in seeing parrots in cages in the zoo when I have seen them in the wild.   The crocs where interesting but they can get them on the banks of the Fitzroy River in Rocky. 

On Friday crossed the Tropic of Capricorn which is the start of the tropics and the weather has been glorious all weekend and I woke up this morning to rain.  The first rain they have had for a while and they desperately need it as they have had no wet season to speak of. 

How has the journey been since Noosa?  It has been good and I got a puncture which I got in Childers where I spent the morning repairing it and having a look round.  The town is a sugar town and all round it is sugar cane plantations where there is a lot of casual work and a lot of backpackers come and work on the sugar plantations and fruit picking.  Here I met a french chap who was traveling north looking for work and a lady who was a triathlete and was interested in my trip and said that she could not do the journey as someone had suggested to her.

The day from Gin Gin to Miriam Vale was a long day with a distance of 100km/60 miles with no services and just a rest area 60 km from Gin Gin.  When I arrived at Miriam Vale I bumped into a Scottish chap who was very apologetic to me for tooting his horn at me when he passed me some miles down the road.  I told him it was ok and that I have a sign on the back of my trailer which says toot. ! ; We went for a drink and something to eat.  He came up from Brisbane and is planning to go up into Northern Territory.  I met two Dutch cyclist, in Gympie, who had cycled from the Netherlands and were on their way to Sydney.  They had been on the road for a year and were coming to the end of their trip.  They did not like the flat lands and were looking forward to the mountains in NSW. 

On the press front I have had coverage in the Maryborough and Gladstone local papers and have just been invited to talk to ABC radio in Rockhampton." 

Friday, April 26th - Rockhampton - 39 days and 993 m/1,589 km

Arrived in Rockhampton. Planning to stay the weekend.

Sunday, April 21st - Maryborough - 34 days

Con called his parents from Maryborough where he has a newspaper interview scheduled for Monday

Friday, April 19th - Noosa Heads - 32 Days

Hi Everybody, I have made it up to Noosa Heads where I can get back onto the Bruce Highway. The towns are now getting smaller and the distances greater between them. Things are going very well, I ran into a lady in Landsborough Caravan Park who said that I met two Canadians in Landsborough who where travelling round and we had a good evening chatting.

I cycled with a chap called Ian from Landsborough to Calundra where he lived and I had a cup of tea and he put me on the right road to Noosa Head. His wife had a trike that she transported her dogs about in. Noosa is where the rich and famous from Brisbane have cottages and come to get away. There are lots of holiday cottages and gorgeous white sandy beaches. I am actually staying in Coolum Beach about 18km south of Noosa and I have pitched my tent opposite the beach and am soothed to sleep to the sound of the sea and woken up to the sound of the sea.

I had two magpies wanting some of my breakfast this morning. They were coming very close and as soon as I got my loaf of bread out one came bounding up to me and then another came. I had to be insistent that they go away. That's about it for now. Regards, Con.

Thursday April 18th - Coolum Beach - 31 Days and 696m/1,113km

Wednesday, April 17th - Maroochydore

Tuesday, April 16th - Caloundra

Crispian Lynch took the time to respond to Conrad's efforts by sending in a brief progress report  he thought "Incredible!"  summed it it all up! He also sent me the URL for a story published today in the Sydney Morning Herald.

Monday, April 15th - Caboolture  633m/1,014km

Happy Birthday, Marg.

Sunday, April 14th - Brisbane 604m/966km

E-mail from Con:

I have made it in to Queensland and am currently in Brisbane. Things are going well and I am resting for a few days looking round the city. There will be no photos of the border change as there was no sign for Queensland or New South Wales. The weather has been warm with a few showers.

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I had some fun getting into Brisbane along the Pacific Motorway which I tried to find out if I could cycle on and all the people said yes you could so I did and was told by a trafic policeman that you could no longer cycle on the motorway as they had changed the law a few weeks earlier. I did get most of the way along it. In asking a few people what the law is I met two fellows who were very interested in my trip and sent me a way round where I could do the least cycling on the motorway, but there is no easy alternative into the city. I stayed with a very kind couple, John and Joy Parmley, in Coomera. I met them by cycling the route into Bris the two fellas had given me and it was getting dark and I wanted to know if I was on the right route and if there was anywhere to camp. To this he said that I could camp with them and they actually fed me and gave me a bed for the night. I then made my treck into Brisbane in the morning.

I came through Surfers Paradise which is just full of sky scrapers that most of them are holiday apartments. I just came straight through that and on up to Coomera. At Tweed Heads I stayed in a caravan park immediately under the flight path from the local airport so I had planes flying overhead from take off. The lady in the caravan park was very enthusiastic and had the American style of greeting all very interesting.

Byron Bay where I spent 2 days was a haven for surfers and backpackers. It is also the most easterly point of Australia. I went for a walk up over the headland and to the most easterly point and while doing this I saw dolphins jumping into the surf. A great sight to see.

I have met a Japanese guy cycling down to Sydney, he spoke very little English and I no Japanese. He started on a motorbike and was stopped in Murwillumbah where a policeman stopped him, fined him and told him he could not ride a motorbike in NSW, I could not make out why, so he bought a mountain bike and was riding down to Sydney. We exchanged photos and went on our way. Thats all folks from Oz

Regards, Conrad

Saturday April 13th - Brisbane 604m/966km

I discovered an article on Con on the website news.com.au.

Tuesday & Wednesday, April 9th & 10th - Brisbane 604m/966km

Wesley has recived three films from Con and is getting them developed. He also provided the article from the Advocate newspaper in Coffs Harbour.    Advocate

I found an interesting website about "Ron" who has solo-cycled around Australia. He provides some interesting insights into what Con can expect in the future.     Ron

Monday, April 8th - Coolangatta

Con called Keith and Marg, but I am not sure when. All is well though and he has finally seen kangaroos by the side of the road.

Sunday, April 7th - Byron Bay 494m/791km

Saturday, April 6th - Balina

Friday, April 5th - Evans Head

Thursday, April 4th - Maclean

Wednesday, April 3rd - Grafton  407m/657km

Highlights of Con's E-mail:

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"All is well and I posted 3 films off to Wesley today and he should get those on Monday.  The weather is drier now and I am making real progress.  I have  still not seen any kangeroos but that will come no doubt.  We did have lots of Rainbow Parrots in the Campground in Coffs and a Masked Plover that was sitting on a nest in the middle of the park.  Its mate dive bombed me at one stage.
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I am getting more and more into tropical climbs with lots of banana plantations and a Big Banana in Coffs, this was a big yellow banana on a plantation. The camp in Grafton was billed as being quiet, but you could hear the Pacific Highway and a Saw Mill next door that started at 6am.

I am sticking to the coast road as much as I can because it is flatter with the heavy trailer it makes easier travelling.  I keep being told that it is going to get awefully hot the further north I go and take plenty of water. My trike is holding up well at present I did a quick oil of all the cables this morning and things are going well."

Tuesday, April 2nd - Coffs Harbour

E-mail from Con:

"Hi everyone I am resting up in Coffs Harbour.  You will be glad to know while I was here it rained all over Easter so that should cheer you all up.  I did get very wet.  Everything is going well,  meeting lots of people and nearly picked up a canine dog over the weekend that followed us on a walk we did over ther cliffs in Coff.   Us is Nick, Matt from Melbourne, Tom and Helen travelling around from UK and Christie and Kim from Sydney.  We all camped together at Coffs and had a ball.   Today I went to the Big Banana which is a Big Banana.  I am off tomorrow toward Brisbane. all is well.  
I'll keep peddling

Love Conrad"

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Click here to learn more about the Big Banana

E-mail from Wesley:

Met up with Conrad yesterday on epic 12 hr drive back from Byron Bay to Sydney.   He has been in Coffs Harbour for a few days and is setting off today to Brisbane, should be about 6 days cycling I guess.  He is looking very well and has a bit of a tan especially on hands, he has
made lots of friends and has been a regular at the local Karaoke pub
singing Elton John and others!!!
We grabbed some lunch, met some more of my friends who quizzed him as usual and made some rough plans to meet in or before Cairns.