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Wyndham Timeshares

You have probably driven past the Wyndham Timeshare building many times and wondered what went on inside that building. Now is your chance to find out! Learn all about the how the Wyndham facility fits into our community. In a conversation with Mark McClain the Operations Manager of this timeshare facility.

Each year thousands of guests travel to Cumberland County to enjoy a vacation in one of the 467 timeshare units in Fairfield Glade.  Guests have been coming here for many years, The old check-in building and lodge, across Mirror Lake, opened in 1977 and was demolished in 2014.. Construction on the new 14,800-square-foot facility began in November 2012 and opened for business in May 2013. It is the hub of the  timeshare activities. Many timeshare guests return to Fairfield Glade year after year and eventually buy a property and retire here.  

During this conversation you will learn about the operation of the timeshare business, the check-in process, the sales activities ( will not be subjected to a sales pitch!), housekeeping, maintenance and all the aspects of running a large hospitality operation. You will also learn about Mark's career and his committment to this company in the heart of GFairfield Glade. Hopefully you will also get to see inside one or two of the newly-renovated timeshare models.