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Crab Orchard Utility Department Water Treatment Facility

The Crab Orchard Utility District was chartered in March 1966 to serve potable water to the residents of the Crab Orchard Community with water purchased from the City of Crossville. Their first meters were read on September 17, 1967.

Since that time, the Utility has grown to be the largest Utility District in Cumberland County, with approximately 7500 active customers, approximately 400 miles of water lines and 14.5 million dollars in assets.

Mission Statement

At Crab Orchard Utility District, our mission is to provide safe, reliable drinking water to the residents of Cumberland County at the lowest possible cost and still meet all federal and state requirements.

COUD operates a modern water treatment facility handling an average of 2 million gallons per day of potable water for customers in Fairfield Glade and surrounding areas. Rain water stored at the Otter Creek Lake is treated by a combination of clarification/filtration process followed by a sophisticated disinfection method. Currently, COUD supplies potable water to 20,000 people

Bernardo Rico will lead each tour.

Special Instructions: This tour is limited to 7 people because they need to travel through some confined spaces.