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About FacilityTours

Purpose of Tours

The primary purpose of these tours is to give local residents an opportunity, free of charge, to learn some details about their community that they would not normally come acrooss in their daily lives.


  • Entertainment and education for the tourists
  • An opportunity for the tour-guide to showcase their facility
  • Brings different parts of the community together
  • Develops an appreciation for all the activities within the community
  • Introduces new residents to more people

Rules for Tourists

  1. Accept invitations to tours of interest: Ignore invitations not of interest.
  2. Please do not forward invitations to friends. Just give the website address ( to friends who would like to go on tours so they can sign up as tourists.
  3. Signing up for a tour and later canceling is OK. Signing up for a tour and not showing up is not acceptable.
  4. Maintain a positive, respectful and friendly attitude.
  5. Get to know your fellow tourists. Make friends!
  6. Make an effort to learn as much as possible about each facility and its occupants. Ask questions to help you understand how things work.
  7. It is not helpfull to make statements like "We do things differently in Wisconsin (Illinois or Ohio!)"
  8. As this is my personal group, I reserve the right to remove anyone from the email list at any time for any reason.