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Our Volunteers

We have many volunteers who work on the construction and maintenance of our trails. After one work session a volunteer receives a Tee-shirt. When a person accumulates 25 volunteer hours on the trails they receive a Fairfield Glade Trail Volunteer patch. These dedicated volunteers who have worked in the last two years are identified in the gallery below with the patch along side their name and picture.

If you or someone you know is missing from this list please send the name and picture to gladetrails@gmail.com

Bagget, Jack
Barclay, Linda

Bjork, Bill

Brainard, Nancy
Brown, Jerry

Caron, Olson
Carson, Scott

Carson, Sharon

Commerford, Bob

Conrad, John

Cooke, Michelle

Corradato Tom
Czajka, Ken

deWolf, Mary

deWolf, Ted

Dorrell, Larry

Doster, Chrissy
Durnwald, Mary

Durnwald, Mike

Edwards, Don

Ellis, Bob

Eppelheimer, Don
Fitch, Gary
Grove, Jim
Harkins, Frank
Hazel, Don

Jensen, Jim
Johnson, Carl

Karnes, Ron

Klabik, "Butch"

Klabik, Lauralee

Kopmeir, Mary
Kurtzman, Dwight

Lamb, Jim
Lamonda, Ken

Linhart, Jack
Lucas, Joe

Matheis, Chris
Matheus, Jeff
Miner, Marion
Miner, Ray

Moore, Gary
Moore, Sharon
Myslinski, Rich
Nielsen, Jann
Obohoski, Bob
Ostrowski, Ed
Paul, Greg
Richardson, Vince

Richie, Mark

Rothwell, Chuck
Ruetenik, Gary

Schultz, Annie
Schultz, Harold

Shaikh, Mahmood
Southall, Dave
Townsend, Jeff

Tryon, Dennis
VanDeCarr, Gary

VanHaren, Clyde
Wakefield, Jackie
Westfall, Mike

Wharton, Darryl