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Rotherham Trail

Rating: 2.2 miles out and back – Strenuous
Casual Hiking Time: 1 hour 30 minutes

This trail is best hiked as a relay. Park one car at the bottom parking lot at the south end of Lake Dartmoor on Rotherham Drive. Then drive to the Water Tower parking area and follow the directions below. This makes the hike all downhill.

The Rotherham Trail is a hiking trail in Fairfield North.

Download the PDF map of the Fairfield North Trails.

Alternatively, park at the Water Tower parking area and follow the directions below.

Directions to Water Tower Trailhead from the Peavine 4-way Stop
(N 36° 00.417', W84° 53.199)
From the 4 way stop to the Water Tower Trailhead parking lot is exactly 3 miles. Take Peavine Road to Catoosa Boulevard (0.5 miles). Turn left and follow Catoosa Boulevard for 2.3 miles. Just past the main entrance to Good Samaritans turn LEFT at the “deliveries” entrance. Continue straight on the gravel road to the cul-de-sac. You will see a large green water tank at the end of the parking area. Elevation 2,107’.
Upper Parking Lot GPS Coordinates:
N36º 01’34.74” W84º 52’24.17”

Directions to Lower Rotherham Trailhead: From the 4-way stop the lower trailhead is about 2.3 miles. Take Peavine Road Take Peavine Road to Catoosa Boulevard (0.5 miles). Turn left and follow Catoosa Boulevard for 1.15 miles. Turn LEFT on Rotherham Drive. Continue . 66 miles to parking area on the left. Cross the road and locate the trail on the left side of the open field, marked with YELLOW blazes. Elevation 1,679.
Lower Parking Lot GPS Coordinates:
N36º 01’28.04” W84º 52”07.64

Trail Description: A very nice trail that is a moderate 1.1 mile downhill hike from the water-tower that takes less than 40 minutes. Hiking in the reverse direction from Rotherham Drive results in a steady, uphill climb (Total 428’ elevation change). The final 300 feet of the trail near the top can be the most difficult part of the hike. The route follows the main branch of Lick Creek. The creek has a seasonal flow down the valley as it joins other creeks on its way to Lake Dartmoor. It is recommended that this route be walked one way from the water tower downhill to Lake Dartmoor. There is parking at both ends of the route so a vehicle can be left for the return drive.

Alternatively it is a very nice easy walk if you park at the Rotherham parking lot and follow the trail for half a mile along the creek. When trail turns to the right and starts to climb uphill just stop and reverse direction back to Rotherham Drive for a very pleasant one-mile walk. There is a rustic bench and bridge over the creek at . 25 miles from the Lower Trailhead.

1. Parking area trail to water tank.
Depart the parking area by the water tower and hike about 800 feet to the intersection of the Canyon Trail, Good Samaritan Trail and Rotherham Trail.

2. Proceed straight ahead down Rotherham Trail. After making a small “step-over” creek crossing, pass through a rock formation. Look up to the right at the rustic bench. This is Yoga Rocks. The bench is accessible from the Canyon Trail.

3. Trail descends into a steep valley created by the North Branch of Lick Creek.

4. Approximately ¾ of a mile from the top the trail crosses Lick Creek on a timber bridge.
Bridge Elevation 1,703’
N36º 01’37.55” W84º 51’59.14”

5. Trail emerges from the woods and crosses Rotherham Drive to the parking area at the South end of Lake Dartmoor.  Elevation 1,675”.

6. Lower trail Head
Reverse course and retrace your steps back to the upper parking lot.