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Overlook Trail - 1.9 miles

The Overlook Trail is a beautiful hiking trail in the southern part of Fairfield Glade.

Allow an 1.0 to 1.5 hours walking time to complete this trail - not including stops to rest or enjoy the scenery. The trail descends steeply from the Overlook to Daddy's Creek and follows it for about a mile before climbing steadily back up to the original level and returning to the Overlook along grassy roads.

Overlook Nature Guide

Volunteers have prepared a self-guided nature guide for this trail. The guide descibes various features at number posts along the trail. The location of the posts are marked on the trail map. Paper copies may be obtained at the Community Center or can be viewed online here.

Overlook Nature Trail Guide

Overlook Trail Wild Flowers

Ken Czajka has prepared a Wild Flower Guide to assist hikers of the trail identify wildflowers in different seasons.

Overlook Trail Wild Flower Guide

Trailhead GPS Coordinates:
N 35° 58.108'
W 84° 51.104'

Rating: Strenuous

Download PDF Trail Map

The overlook offers views across the Daddy's Creek valley.
The entrance to the trail is starts at the end of the railing around the Overlook.

Follow the trail as it switchbacks down to the river. You will pass a rock seat on as you start the descent.

Then continue following it one mile along the banks of Daddy's Creek.
The trail then leaves the river and follows an old logging road steeply up, up, up to a level grassy road. Follow blazes along the road until it turns sharply into the woods for a couple of hundred yards back to Windsor park road. The exit/entrance is marked with a white blaze on a tree. Turn left and you will shortly be back at your car.
Tom Cox, sharon Moore, Gary Moore and Clyde Van Haren working on clearing the trail.

Trail Status: This is a 1.9 mile trail. The trail was officially opened to the public in October 2012. The route is well defined and blazes have been added along the length of the trail.

Directions from the Peavine 4-way Stop(N 36° 00.417', W84° 53.199): The total distance to the trailhed is 4.4 miles. Take Peavine Road for 0.5 miles to Westchester Drive. Go south on Westchester for 3.1 miles......just past the Dorchester Golf course look for the sign to turn left toward the "Overlook" on Windsor Drive. Continue following signs for 0.8 miles and several turns to the overlook parking. At the overlook, park, and walk towards the railings and look for trail starting off to the left.

Road sign to the Overlook


Parking: There is parking for at least half a dozen cars at the trailhead.

Parking for the Overlook Trail