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Seven Bridges Trail

Stonehenge Trail
1.5 m

Thornhill Trail

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The location of all trails throughout Fairfield Glade community. All Trails
The Central Trails are the 4.6 miles of easy paved sidewalks in the Central region of Fairfield Glade with a 1.0 mile section that meanders through the woods from Druid Hills to Village Drive.
Trails Map

The North Trails Map includes a number of interconnected hiking trails in the northern region of Fairfield Glade. There are significant changes in elevation.

The Rotherham Trail is a 1.1 mile moderate trail. The lower section of this trail is an easy half-mile hiking trail along a creek. The upper section is more strenuous so hiking in the downhill direction is recommended!

The Hemlock Trail is 1.3-mile trail with a slow steady climb.

The Good Samaritan is a 1.0 easy trail.

The McGinnis Trail is a 1.8 mile moderate trail with significant elevation changes.

Trails Map
The Overlook Trail is a 1.9 mile moderate loop trail in the southern region of Fairfield Glade. The trail borders Daddy's Creek for about a mile and ends in a rather strenuous climb out of the creek valley. Overlook
Trail Map
The Stonehenge Trail is a 1.5 mile linear trail that goes alonside Stonehenge Drive from Kingsboro Drive to Heatherhurst Golf Club. Stonehenge
Trail Map
The Seven Bridges Trail is a 2.0 mile easy "lollipop" woodland trail that starts and ends at the Methodist Church on Westchester Drive. Seven Bridges
Trail Map
The Amherst Trail is an easy 2 mile hiking trail mainly on "grassy roads." There is very little change in elevation but there may be ticks and chiggers in the grass except in Winter. Amherst
Trail Map

The Thornhill Trail is a 1.8-mile easy hiking trail mainly on "grassy roads." There is very little change in elevation but there may be ticks and chiggers in the grass except in Winter. Thornhill
Trail Map
The Kirkstone Trail is a 2-mile moderate hiking trail mainly on "gravel roads." There is some change in elevation. Kirkstone
Trail Map
The Glastowbury Trail is a 1-mile easy hiking trail. There is some change in elevation. Glastowbury
Trail Map
The other trails (Art Trailand Library Trail) are short trails without individual Trail Maps. However simple google maps are included in the trail descriptions that can be found in the left-hand column of this page.
The Community Center Trails Package contains all maps provided to timeshare visitors:

Trails Package