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Kirkstone Trail

This is approximately a 2.0 mile loop hiking trail along gravel roads. The Trailhead is at the junction of Marmaduke and Christopher a little way up the hill from the spillway on Lake Kirkstone. The route is marked with yellow stakes and arrows at road juctions.

Trailhead GPS Coordinates:
N 35° 55.027'
W 84°53.161'

Rating: Moderate

Download the PDF Trail Map

Starting at the trailhead turn right on to Christopher Lane. At the end of Christopher Lane turn left onto Marmaduke Drive. Follow Marmaduke Drive for about 1.5 miles back the trailhead.

Note: Shorter walks can be achieved by taking short-cuts, after turning onto Marmaduke, by taking Donnbrooks or Elizabeth Drives. However these grassy roads may not be mowed and in summer ticks may be a significant problem.

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Trail Status: This is a grassy road trail that is marked with yellow markers and directional arrows.

Directions from the Peavine 4-way Stop(N 36° 00.417', W84° 53.199): Proceed east along Peavine Road, past the public safety building and after 0.5 miles, make a right turn on to Westchester Drive. After 2.0 miles on Westchester Drive turn right on to Malverne Road and follow the road to the end where it joins Marmaduke Drive. The Trailhead is on the right a short way along Marmaduke Drive just over the lake spillway.

Parking: There is parking for at least four or five cars along Marmaduke close to the trailhead. There is additional parking on Malvern Court which is at the junction of Malvern Road and Marmaduke Driv e if the grass is not too long!

This trail is a little less interesting than some others as it consists of long straight sections of gravel road.

One big advantge is that it is easily hiked in all seasons: few ticks in the summer, little mud and water in the winter.