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Trailhead coordinates:

N36º 01’27” W84º 52’07”

A route from the old boat launch on Lake Dartmoor at Rotherham Drive along a lovey valley filled with Mountain Laurels. The route of this hiking trail follows the creek up the valley to a steep sided bowl at the head of the valley. The trail leaves the valley by following Rotherham Lane, and completes the route on the other side of Rotherham Drive by traversing the hillside up to Catoosa Boulevard. During the 2014/2015 winter the trail was extended from Catoosa Boulevard behind Bluff View Terrace to where it connects with the Good Samaritan Trail.

The route passes a magnificient hemlock tree which gives the route its name.

Walking the route from Rotherham Court down to Lake Dartmoor is much easier than travelling in the reverse direction but the parking is excellent at the lake end of the route.

One of the big advantages of this route is that it connects up to the Rotherham Route that goes up to the Good Samaritan Trail.This results in a connected network of trails which is almost 6 miles in length.

Rating: Moderate

Download the PDF map of the Fairfield North Trails.

The Noticeboard at the start of the trail includes maps of the Fairfield North trails and the location of all the trails in Fairfield Glade.
Elevation 1,678ft
This substansial bridge provides a safe crossing of Lick Creek even when the water level is high.
Shortly after crossing the bridge there is a wonderul fern glen that looks at its best in the spring. The majestic Hemlock Tree that gave the trail its name. Ken Czajka is marking the tree to indicate that it has been treated for Wooly Adelgid.
Simple wooded steps ease the crossing of Rotherham Drive.
Elevation 1,775ft
Rockwork is the speciality of our hardworking volunteers. This is one example of numerous rock steps and walkways throughout the Glade.
Elevation 1,889ft.
A short wooded bridge crosses a seasonal stream near Catoosa Boulevard.