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Guidelines for Trail Users

So everyone may enjoy the trails, we ask that you please follow these guidelines when walking on the trails.

  • Enjoy the trails.
  • Be courteous at all times and act responsibly.
  • If possible walk with a buddy.
  • Respect private property of adjacent home owners in the residential neighborhoods and stay on the trails and off private property.
  • No campfires.
  • Trails are for human-powered travel only. Walkers, hikers, joggers, skaters and cyclists are welcome. Motorized all terrain vehicles are not welcome. (Horses are welcome on the grassy roads only.)
  • Dogs are welcome but please pick-up after your dog if it fouls the trail-bed.
  • Respect nature. Do not uproot wildflowers or unnecessarily disturb wildlife.
  • On roads: motorists have priority over walkers.
  • On trails: walkers have priority over cyclists.
  • These trails are maintained by volunteers who would appreciate any help in picking up litter and pruning of vegetation encroaching on the trail.
  • To avoid problems with ticks, chiggers & mosquitoes use Deet on the skin and Permethrin on clothes.  Tuck pants into socks. When you get home check for ticks, shower and rub skin with a washcloth to dislodge chiggers.