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Thornhill Trail

Glossary of Terms

Backslope The ground on the uphill side of a trail traversing a slope.

A small, colored, rectangular marker usually nailed to trees to indicate the route of a trail.


Duff Partly decayed organic matter on the forest floor that fosters growth of vegetation.
Fillslope The ground on the downhill side of a trail that traverses a slope.
Grade The slope of the trail in the direction of travel along the trail.
Hiking Trail

This is a trail that is unpaved, often somewhat remote, often strenous, requires boots rather than sneakers, may involve significant changes in elevation and users may have to deal with ticks and other bugs.

Maddox A pickaxe suitable for breaking up dirt and stones when preparing the trail-bed.
McLeod This is a versatile fire rake with a blade on the back edge suitable for scrabing duff or cutting roots.
Outslope The slope of the trail from side to side. A little outslope is desireable to remove water. An excessive outslope is difficult to walk and can cause twisted ankles.

An indication of the level of difficulty of each trail within Fairfield Glade.Typically the more elevation change the more strenuous the rating.

Easy - A level walking trail with virtually no change in elevation.

Moderate - A walking trail with some change in elevation but can probably be walked in sneakers.

Strenuous - A hiking trail which should be walked in boots rather than sneakers and will have significant changes in elevation along its route.

Very Strenuous - A hiking trail which should be walked in boots rather than sneakers and will have significant, steep, changes in elevation along its route.

Note: These are relative ratings for the trails within Fairfield Glade and are not State or Federal Standards.

Scouting Traveling the preliminary route of a trail to determine its feasibility.
Trailbed The foundation of the trail. This may also be the walking surface of a natural trail or it may be covered with bark-mulch, gravel or black-top paving.
Tread The walking surface of a trail.
Walking Trail

This is a trail that is usually paved, conveniently located can be walked in sneakers and is usually suitable for young children and mothers with strollers and may be a sidewalk.

Water Bar A channel cut across the trail and usually lined with stone to divert water off the trail.