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Construction Gallery

The primary purpose of Friends of Glade Trails is the construction and maintenance of walking and hiking trails in Fairfield Glade. This page shows pictures of our volunteers doing this work.

Diverting the Overlook Trail to avoid a problem area.
Ken Lamonda, Jann Nielsen and Clyde VanHaren building rustic benches under the supervision of Harold Schultz.
The Maintenance Team from The Good Samaritan Society constucting the long bridge/boardwalk under the watchful eye of Don Hazel.
Mike Durnwald's cheerful spirit shines through after a tough work session.
Don Hazel provides superb leadership in all aspects of trail construction.

Bob Obohoski willingly works and sweats at every opportunuty.

Butch Klabik and Clyde VanHaren working on one of the Wexford trail bridges.
Working the Lutheran trail.
The brush hog clearing the Good Samaritan section of the North trail, greatly reducing the amount of volunteer work needed.
Taking a break during a work session on the Good Samaritan
Cindy Love and a friend loping roots.
Harold Schultz and Ken Lamonda resting during the construction of the 70 foot bridge.
Sharon Maddox, a dedicated volunteer, working on the Lutheran Trail in the middle of a snow storm.
In 2012 the missing sections of the Village Drive and Kinsboro Drive sidewalk were paved to make to make a continuous loop for walkers.
Heavy work clearing the North Trail by Mary Durwald, Doris Sharts and others.
Some work sessions attract a lot of willing volunteers.
Many hands make light work.
Mark Richie and Darryl Wharton take a break from the heavy work.
Doris Sharts and Mike Durnwald smile for the camera.
I probably should know the name of this tired volunteer but I don't!
Gary Moore always has a smile on his face, even when working hard on the North Trail.
I believe this is Don Hazel, Cindy Rife and Jackie Wakefield clearing rocks and roots on the North Trail.
The proud team building Lombard Street on the North Trail.
Mary Durnwald taking a well earned break.
The chainsaw gang clearing the Overlook Trail - Don Hazel, Dave Southall and Clyde VanHaren.
Dave Southall attacking a fallen tree that is blocking the trail.
Ted Dewolf using his off-road vehicle to deliver a rustic bench to the North Trail.