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New Trail Concepts

People are excited about the work being done to extend the network of trails within Fairfield Glade. This is a collection of ideas and suggestions from people around the Glade who voiced their opinions.

Robinhood Park Trail

It has been suggested that Robinhood Park is at the entrance to the Glade and therefore should have additional amenities such as a walking trail. This idea fits well with the fact that an additional parcel of land adjacent to the park has been conditionally offered to the Community Club if they develop an appropriate plan for its use. This would be a good location for a new trail. However the construction project to widen Peavine Road will impact this area as the current plan calls for the junction with Snead Road to be re-configured. Consequently it is unlikely that anything will happen here until the impact of the construction changes are fully understood.

This concept trail has not yet been formally presented to the Trails Committee.

Fitness Trail

It has been suggested that having a Fitness Trail in the community would be a great asset. The term Fitness Trail refers to a trail, possibly about a mile in length, that has activity stations approximately every 100-200 yards. At each activity station there would be a notice describing an activity to be performed (20 sit-ups, 10 squats, etc.). There may be some equipment installed for use during the activity (bench, parallel bars, etc.). This fitness trail could be an enhancement to an existing trail or a completely new trail. We could possibly work with the Wellness Center to develop appropriate activities.

This concept trail has not yet been formally presented to the Trails Committee.

Spring Lake Trail

A couple of residents in this area have requested that a walking trail be constucted in this neighborhood.

Lake Pomeroy Trail

A resident has stated that a trail near Lake Pomeroy would be a very welcome addition to this neighborhood.

Click here for more details.

This concept trail has not yet been formally presented to the Trails Committee.

Windsor Park Trail

The trailhead for this trail is at the Dorchest Golf Club parking lot.

Directions from the Peavine 4-way Stop(N 36° 00.417', W84° 53.199): The trailhead is 3.0 miles from the 4-way Stop. Take Peavine Rd. to Westchester Dive (0.5 miles). turn right onto Wester Drive and head south for two and a half miles to the Dorchester Country Club parking lot.

Trail: From the Dorchester parking lot cross Westchester Dr. to Thornhill Ln. take the first grass road on the right, which is Ashmore Ln. Continue to you meet up with Wimberly and turn right continue till you come to Quinbly Ln, continue on until you meet up at Arrowrock Rd and turn right, continue to Windsor Park and the Daddy's Creek Overlook. Return to parking at Dorchester CC by following Arrowrock Rd. to Wimberly and turn right and continue up the hill to a left on Ashmore Ln. Follow Ashmore Ln to Thornhill Ln and turn left back to parking at Dorchester CC.
Distance: Approximately 2.9 miles.
Rating: Easy to moderate
Travel Time: Approximately 60 - 75min.
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