Fairfield Glade Railroad


From about 1905 to 1920 trains could be heard in the Glade. A spur railroad line was constructed from Dorton (which was about halfway between Crab Orchard and Corssville) up Shorty Barnes Road to Peavine Road, along Peavinevine Road going past Spring Lake, Lake Canterbury and Lake Catherine. After Lake Catherine it turned north, at Howard Terrace, into Wilshire Heights following Sheffield Drive parallel to Stonehenge Drive up to Kingsboro Drive where it terminated at a sawmill and hotel. Just before Kingsboro Drive the line branched to another spur that headed west between Kingsboro Drive and Village Drive to a coalmine near Rotherham Drive.

The route of the railroad can be seen on this map segment from from the History of Fairfield Glade.

Map of the Fairfield Glade Railroad

A map of the Fairfield Glade railroad routes can be found at:


Clyde Van Haren and Don Zeboski wrote a newspaper article about the railroad in November 2013.

Newspaper Article

The railroad crossed Dogleg Creek and the remains of the old stone buttresses can be seen just behind the pumping station across the road from where the paved trail crosses Dogleg Creek with a small bridge. The cordinates of the tressle are:

N 36° 0' 56.84
W 84° 53' 12.20

Remains of the Stone Butresses where the
Railroad crosses Dogleg Creek.

A little further north on the other side of Cross Road is a historic pond that was used to fill up the steam engines when the railroad was operational. The pond is unusual in that it remains at a reasonably constant level throughout the year: It does not dry up.

The coordinates of the pond are:
N 36.02129,
W 84.886154

Chapter 4 "Continuing Clockwise" of the History of Fairfield Glade gives a few more details of this railroad.