History Book

This is an electronic version of a paper history booklet produced in 1986 by Tom Martin. A Xeroxed copy was found in the Fairfield Glade Library in January 2013 and each chapter was scanned and converted into a Microsft Word document. The Word document for each chapter was saved as a PDF file and linked to this page to make it available to residents and visitors to the Glade.


Preface Words from Tom Martin(Scanned)
Chapter 1 The Crab Orchard
Chapter 2 Spokes of the Wheel
Chapter 3 Senter or Center
Chapter 4 Continuing Clockwise
Chapter 5 The Brookhart Legacy
Chapter 6 We Have you Surrounded
Chapter 7 State of the Union, 1969 -70
Chapter 8 Short but Eventful
Chapter 9 The Fairfield Era
Chapter 10 The Church and the Glade
Chapter 11 Crossville, Cumberland County
Chapter 12 Around the County
Chapter 13 "Tales"
Chapter 14 A Few Demerits
Chapter 15 "Fairgolf"
Chapter 16 Lakes
Chapter 17 "My Mail - Where is it?"
Chapter 18 Village Green Mall
Chapter 19 Security Plus
Chapter 20 Arts and Crafts
Chapter 21 The Community Club
Chapter 22 "Oldtimers"
Ack. Acknowledgements
Bib. Bibliography
Appendix In and Around the Glade
Map Fairfield Glade Historic Map
Update Glade Update 1987