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Welcome to the home of the Fairfield Glade Fly Fishing Club. Here you will find the the links to the best fly fishing resources and news of interest to our members.

Special Notices

Gone fishing!

Hello Fairfield Glade Fly Fishers,
Information and sign up for a casting instruction class for the FFG fly fishing club from a FFF Certified casting instructor, who is on the staff of the Joan Wulff school in Upstate NY.
•Sign up for a Caney Fork outing.
•Plans for a sale and swap meeting of fishing stuff.
•Information about next month's meeting (October) and speaker.

Don Hazel


The Fairfield Glade Fly Fishing Club will hold its first Annual SWAP/BUY/SELL meet at its meeting on Tuesday, November 15, 2016 between 6-8 PM at the FG Library/Multi-purpose building, Room "A". Sale or trade items are limited to fishing related items only. Come on join us and bring what you are interested in swapping or selling...or find and barter for that fishing item you would really like to own. If you have large sized items, like a fishing pontoon, etc., just bring a photo(s) and you can maybe interest a potential buyer to follow-up with you elsewhere, or even in the parking lot. A limited number of tables will be available in the building if you wish to rent a half table for $5 or a full table for $10. A maximum of one full table allowed per person available until limited tables are gone. First come, first served. All proceeds for table rent and a 50/50 drawing are for the benefit of the FG Fly Fishing Club. No commercial dealers or brokers allowed, but you do not have to be a member to participate, the public is welcome. You may also sign up to join the Club for notifications of future Club events.


The Fairfield Glade Fly Fishing Club

Please know that if you live anywhere in the Crossville or Fairfield Glade area you are welcome to participate in any or all future activities. We are using this new website as a place where you can sign-up and add any comments or questions you might have regarding this great outdoor sport when you sign-up. We want to encourage even those of you who do not know how to fly-fish to show your interest and there will be opportunities for learning the sport from more experienced fly-fishers, both men and women. We will also use the website for organizing outings to different fly-fishing locations and events in the future. It will be a great opportunity for you to join others of different skill levels to learn fly-fishing techniques and participate in all the fun. Once you start fly-fishing you will be "hooked" for life.

Gone fly-fishing!

The Fairfield Glade Fly Fishing Club is a group of people who are interested in spending time with other people with an interest in fly fishing in the general vicinity of Fairfiled Glade. There is no membership fee or committment required just a healthy interest in fly fishing. Members are kept informed of local fly fishing activities. Everyone is encouraged to participate in the group by sharing their time and experiences with others.

Join: If you would like to join this group just send an email to gladeflyfishing@gmail.com with your name, phone number and email address.

Latest News

If you have any comments, questions or suggestions about fly fishing activities for this group please send an email to gladeflyfishing@gmail.com.