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Little Obed River Connector Trail

The vision for this proposed trail is a 2-mile woodland trail that winds alongside the Little Obed River from the Cumberland County Obed River Park near the County Fairgrounds to the Crossville City Centennial Park on Industrial Boulevard. There is an existing paved trail in the Obed River Park that would be used as the first section of the new trail.

Map of Proposed Trail

Obed River Park

This existing trail is a two-mile-long paved walk and follows a portion of the Obed River for over half its length. In addition to viewing the labeled trees, visitors can view the Tennessee Central Railroad trestle and Harrison and Mitchell dam historic sites, as well as rock formations, foot bridges, wild flowers and wildlife. 

A Class I Arboretum is featured along the course of the paved Obed River Trail adjacent to the Obed River.  A paved surface multi-use trail is for public use by non-motorized traffic: walkers, runners, roller-blade enthusiasts and bicycle riders.  

The trail originates at the Cumberland County Obed River Park, a county owned park facility that features three picnic shelters, restrooms, and a playground.  On the trail, a visitor passes two foot bridges, two historical markers, views the scenic Obed River and experiences a large number of native Cumberland Plateauplants, trees, and wildflowers.  The trail gradually climbs to a large rolling meadow that has a segment of an abandoned railway corridor and the ruins of one of Cumberland County’s first dams.  The Obed River Park Arboretum includes many native species of trees that have identification markers.  

Centennial Park