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The Friends of the Trails are hoping to construct a number of new trails:

The Crossville Greenway

This is a concept for a network of trails acoss the city of Crossville following various rivers and creeks. I would like to emphasize that it is just a concept and there is no agreement with many of the property owners along the rote that a trail may be built on their property.

This is an overview map of the proposed Greenway.


The proposed Greenway is currently divided into five Segments with a map of the possible route through each segment:

1) The Little Obed River Segment

2) The Upper Obed River Segment

3) The Middle Obed River Segment

4) The Lower Obed River Segment

5) The City Hall Segment








(1) Little Obed River Segment

This trail will connect the Woodlawn Trail to the Obed River Park, following the meandering course of the Little Obed River.









(2) Upper Obed River Segment

This segment of the trail starts under Sparta Highway following the river, crossing Sparta Drive. It will leave the Obed River and follow a small creek over to the TCAT College Property. Hikers can then cross Miller Highway to Garrison Park.









(3) Middle Obed River Segment

This segement goes from the Obed River Park, under West Avenue and follows the river to a proposed Trailhead on Sparta Highway. The trail will follow the Obed River on the north or south bank of the river. Hopefully we will find a way to connect the trail to the Gardens subdivision and to the Meditation Trail on the St Raphael property. The trail will continue along the river to the city property at the end of Maryetta Street and alongside the Wastewater Treatment Facility to Sparta Highway.









(4) Lower Obed River Segment

This segment covers the Obed River from the Obed River Park northwards to Route 127 Main Street near Crackerbarrel. It also takes a small creek over the Duer Soccer Complex.









5 City Hall Segment

This segment will connect City Hall to Centennial Park.