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Fall 2019

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Fall 2019

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We will publish a course catalog prior to each semester. The first catalog, for Fall 2019, is available now.

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Class Class Title
  Art & Culture
1000 Introduction to Zentangles
1020 An Overview of the History of Chess through the Centuries
1500 Computer Security
2000 Health Care, Social Security and Your Retirement
2010 Six Barriers to Investment Success
2020 Diversification Works
2500 Hillbilly Asian Fusion Cooking
3000 Assassination of Abraham Lincoln
3010 The Scots/Irish Influence in the Colonial Period
3020 The Common American Soldier in the American Revolution
3250 Conversational Spanish
  Life Experience & Skills
3500 Naval Aviation Experiences
3510 Alaska - The Last Frontier
3520 Standing Tall - Life Skills Using Horse Sense
4000 Sensory Creative Writing
  Medicine & Health
4500 Five Wishes
4510 A Hospitalist's Role in your Health Care
4520 Managing Diabetes
5000 Introduction to Handbell and Chime Ringing
5010 History of the Dulcimer and Concert
  Outdoor Activities
5250 100 Fun Things to Do Outdoors in East Tennessee
  Science & Technology
6500 Ted Talk - Procrastination: Problem or a Talent
6510 Ted Talk - Exploring the Mysteries of Our Oceans
6520 Ted Talk - Economic Growth and the Industrial Revolution
6530 Ted Talk - The Science Behind Aging
  Social Science and Economics
7000 The Gavel: DV SA Laws and Court System
7010 End Technology Abuse Across Generations
7020 Growing Old Shouldn't Hurt
7030 In Her Shoes
8000 Introduction to Hand, Knee and Foot Games
8010 Introduction to Line Dancing