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The Spring 2020 semester is open to anyone, high school age and above, who would like to attend the classes but you must first become a member for an annual fee of $40. This membership allows you to take as many classes as you wish in all three 2020 semesters. When you have become a member, within a few days you will be sent your membership number, which is needed to register for each class.

Membership Form for New Members

Renewing 2019 Members just need to pay their membership fee using the button below. They will keep their 2019 member number and will receive a confirmation that they have paid along with a reminder of their number.
  • Membership is for a calendar year.
  • Classes are free and only open to members.
  • Membership fees can be paid by clicking the button below.

Use this button if you would like to pay your 2020 membership fee of $40 for the whole year. You can pay by credit card or use PayPal.