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How to Become a Student

Each semester a catalog will be published describing all the classes being offered. The catalog will be available here on this website as a down-loadable PDF file. Only CLL members can register for classes.

  • Become a CLL 2020 member on-line for $40 (one year membership), using the link at the top of this page. Within a few days you will receive an email with your membership number.
  • Review the catalog which includes course descriptions and dates and times for the classes.
  • Register for classes on-line using the link at the top of the page.
  • You will receive an immediate email from CLL confirming your registration in the class.
  • You will be notified if the class is full or if it is cancelled.

(Membership applications and registrations can only be done on-line. There are no paper application forms.)

Download PDF version of the map.