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We will publish a course catalog prior to each semester. The Spring 2020 catalog is now available.

Register for courses by clicking on the links below. Registration requires your membership number. So please become a 2020 member first.

Class Class Title
  Art & Culture
1000 Introduction to Zentangles
1010 Creating a Season of Live Theater
1021 Tea Bag Folding
1022 Gift Boxes from Greeting Cards
1023 Creative Scrapbooking and Journaling
1501 Introduction to Basic Computing Skills
1502 Word for Beginners
1503 Manage Your Finances with Excel
1504 Manage Your Appointment with Google Calendar
2501 Soups On!
2502 An English High Tea Experience
2504 South African Food & Culture
2505 Sharing the Bounty
3001 16 Days in December
3002 Seasons of America's Past Part I
3021 Cumberland County History from a Lifelong Resident
3022 The Common Soldier in the American Civil War
  Life Experience & Skills
3501 Dogs That Serve
3502 The Fun of Coin and Currency Collecting
3503 Baboons, Hippos and Assorted African Adventures
3520 Standing Tall - Life Skills Using Horse Sense
  Medicine & Health
4501 A New Map of Life
4502 Vitality: Today's Fountain of Youth
5020 And All That Brass
5021 Intermediate Acoustic Guitar
  Outdoor Activities
5250 100 Fun Things to Do Outdoors in East Tennessee
5251 Intro to Trail Construction
5252 Getting Started with Hiking
5253 15 Great Fresh Regional Restaurants
5254 Introduction to Multi-day to Multi-month Hiking on the Appalachian Trail
6000 Welcome to Judaism
  Science & Technology
6531 Introduction to 3D Printing
  Social Science and Economics
7001 Introduction to the Criminal Justice System
8001 Beginning American Mah Jongg
8010 Introduction to Line Dancing
8011 Finding Beauty in People, Places and Things